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Dan Vinci
Dan Vinci
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Sat Sep 19, 2020 6:49 am
Welcome to Futbol Board!

This forum is dedicated to users wanting to have a place to discuss football (soccer) cards, stickers, etc. Whether your goal is to sell or just to learn more about certain collections our forum rules need to be taken into account. Please review the rules and make the start of a community a welcome and friendly environment.

What is Futbol Board?

The forum is here to have a place to discuss soccer cards, stickers, and collections. We have categories divided to ensure the forum is easy to navigate through and a live chat box to have instant messages with the other members.

What is Forbbiden?

Please refrain from any explicit language in threads and please stay away from posting any content or material that would be forbidden to minors.

Our Goal?

To expand and grow the community with collectors who enjoy the hobby as much as everyone else.

Where To Post?

Please post in the correct section designated to the subject. This ensures the forum remains organized throughout the years to come. Our moderators will be monitoring the categories to assist. Their username will be colored red.

Who becomes a moderator?

Over the next few weeks the goal is to select two additional moderators to support with keeping the forum clean. To apply please private message Dan Vinci (myself) and I will be sure to let you know what it consists of. Two will be decided shortly.

What other ranks are there?

Administrator (Black)
Moderator - Selected (Red)
New Member - 0 posts
Junior Member - 30 posts
Regular Member - 100 posts
Senior Member - 500 posts (Green)
Elite Member - 1,500 posts (Blue)
Legend - 5,000 posts (Gold)

I hope you enjoy the forum and look forward to meeting you all!
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